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Of Pots and Religions…with a bit of Santoor and Piano thrown on the Wheel

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It is the multi-faceted diversity and complexity of human nature, temperament, and inner tuning that requires and also explains why different people need different ways or paths on their spiritual journey. Each religion has captured some essential aspect of the Great Truth and each has made some important contribution to the overall march of humanity. The Supreme Being and Nature will not want any uniformity; diversity is the principle of Truth. So there will always be diverse paths, diverse religions and diverse teachers of the Truth showing different ways to the Truth. 

The quarrels of religious sects are like the disputing of pots, which shall be alone allowed to hold the immortalising nectar. Let them dispute, but the thing for us is to get at the nectar in whatever pot and attain immortality.

You say that the flavour of the pot alters the liquor. That is taste; but what can deprive it of its immortalising faculty? 

~ Sri Aurobindo
Humanity’s response to a diversity of religions has either involved a sense of disharmony and conflict, or in more recent times, a somewhat more tolerant but often aimless, postmodern religio-moral relativism resulting in an ethical void. A deeper seeking for Truth however is surely and gradually compelling a growing section of humanity—and signs of this awakening are already there all across the world—to strive toward a greater harmony between the diverse religions and spiritual paths.
This may be accomplished either through something like a world-religion which may attempt to synthesize the truths emphasized by different religions known to humanity but harmonized in the light of a greater Supramental Truth that has not been a part of any religion so far. Or through something that is sort of an a-religious spirituality that transcends all religions. In fact, the first may be a beginning step for the second, though there again the truth of diversity will remain.

Perhaps some of the new-age world music is already showing us the way of such harmony…such coming together, such confluence…

Rahul Sharma, Santoor: Richard Clayderman, Piano

To see readers’ comments, click HERE for the previous version of the blog.

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