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Imagine a Society Like This…

On the Occasion of Indian Independence Day….

For the Freedom that is Yet to be Won….

Imagine a Future Society…

Where the fulfilment an individual is seeking is “not the utmost development of his egoistic intellect, vital force, physical well-being and the utmost satisfaction of his mental, emotional, physical cravings, but the flowering of the divine in him to its utmost capacity of wisdom, power, love and universality and through this flowering his utmost realisation of all the possible beauty and delight of existence.”

Where the individual grasps the truth that “he is not only himself, but is in solidarity with all of his kind… That which we are has expressed itself through the individual, but also through the universality, and though each has to fulfil itself in its own way, neither can succeed independently of the other.” (Sri Aurobindo, The Human Cycle, pp. 46-47).

Where a substantial mass of individuals have experienced the inner evolution of consciousness and are leading their lives in accordance with an inner law of the spirit.

Where an individual’s law of the spirit leading him or her in a unique direction specifically suited for the individual’s progress is not in conflict with the life-direction of other individuals on their unique journeys of seeking for true subjectivism. Free-progress of the individual and infinite variation among the individual paths of progress captures the group consciousness as the underlying deepest truth of human experience.

Where individuals realize the inherent ideal purpose of their works. Writers’ hearts open wide to receive experiences and realizations that are translated into words and woven in beautiful prose and poetry that avoid unnecessary sensationalism and convey the deepest truths and ideals of human experience. Artists and sculptors create forms that carry them and their patrons into the realms and imaginations of formless. Musicians and singers in their music bring forth the stirrings of the depths of their souls and create a bridge between the form and formless for the listeners. Dancers bring into being deep, wide formless truths through their graceful forms and movements in front of which all purified human hearts would involuntarily bow in utmost humility.

Where children grow with self-discipline that comes from deeper freedom, not with mindless confusion and mind-numbing authority. Parents discover the true spirit behind the words – “child is the father of man.” Teachers and students are co-learners in their journeys to discover and uncover the truths of the world; they collaborate in a mutually respectful manner and deeply appreciate and grow from their differences. Education is not a business, and businesses are managed through human-centered and consciousness-based approaches. Business leaders worry less about the balance in their bank accounts but more about the balance in their junior-most employee’s retirement accounts.

Wealth-generation as an important social activity has regained its heart and realizes its purpose in creating a warm luxurious reign of beauty, harmony, comfort and contentment for all. The weakest and poorest sections of the society are looked after by an enlightened socialistic economic setup where individual freedom and enterprise is just as valued and encouraged as state-run programs and enterprises. A spiritualized ethic of compassion and caring for all creation guides social action.

Where small, sufficiently self-reliant economic and social aggregates are freely formed by individuals who have come together because of common interests, backgrounds, and affiliation. These aggregates encourage people to practice the kind of work that is deeply meaningful and fulfilling, but in the name of self-reliance and self-sufficiency there is no pressure to cover all needed areas of economic activity. The sphere of economic activity is determined by the creative potential of the people in a community, and the availability of natural and other resources in their geographical area. Reasonably regulated exchange of goods and services among the aggregates is preferred without encouraging mass and unlimited production of goods and services that could lead to unbridled commercialism, industrialism, and rule of the market.

A small group of elected officials use a consensus-based decision making process to manage the necessary administrative functioning of the aggregate. Politics, law-enforcement, and other necessary administrative and governmental activities are chosen as life’s work by those individuals who see these fields of action as instruments with a deeper purpose to bring forth the ideal of Divine Life on earth. These individuals work toward increasing transparency in legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government.

Where such smaller aggregates are loosely and freely held together by a common spirit that ties them to larger aggregates. People are relatively free to move from one social aggregate to another, are able to make decent living in new places. This type of migration and assimilation is somehow smoother because of the already-loosening hold of one’s social and cultural egos that could prevent one from connecting to somewhat unfamiliar cultural and social norms.

The tendency of political, social and cultural aggregates is not to dominate or devour the ones that are relatively weaker and poorer, but to aid them to grow and develop with their unique identities and traditions intact and blossoming. Cultural traditions, practices and values are not marketable items, but there is a free-flowing exchange of ideas and thoughts leading to new forms of synthesis of a variety of traditions and practices.

The larger aggregate is secure in the unity of its spirit and in the diversity of its forms. With full confidence in such deep and inner security these aggregates interact with other large and small aggregates and collectivities in the spirit of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence. Compassionate progressivism, free-spirited interdependence, shared prosperity and a free unity of nations guide international diplomacy.

Illustration by Willy Pogany

Where there is a wider human tendency to live through and with pain, death and loss as the needed grist for the mill so that individual soul may progress and grow through such experiences. Humanity recognizes that the misery and violence resulting from exaggerated mental, vital and physical ego are crude but necessary steps to a golden future that is evolving through these stumbling efforts.

There is a kinder and more compassionate understanding and acceptance of those dark moments and life-phases that are part of overall human experience, and these are seen as opportunities for deepening one’s transformation. Peace comes from the realization that it is an endless journey to perfection that we are on. Tranquility comes from the knowledge that every little victory along the way is a marker to the countless victories that await us, and every little failure along the way is a sure sign of even more countless victories that await us. Calm courage of the spirit is the inner guide as individuals move through various stages and phases of life.

Imagine. We must.  

Create. Can we?  

Begin. How?  

Seek. We must. 



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