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On the Road


Photo by Ismail Okur

Walking alone?

It is not just about the walking alone, it is not just about the path we take. It is also, perhaps even more so about the deeper awareness of walking, of being on the road, of becoming the path itself, of recognizing how small we are really amidst the grandeur of all that is around us. It is about becoming quiet and letting the path take us on the journey. On the road. Wherever it leads us. And yet slowly becoming aware and conscious of the journey – outer and inner.

What does this picture say to you?

Lover’s Gifts XLVII: The Road Is
The road is my wedded companion. She speaks to me under my feet all
day, she sings to my dreams all night.
My meeting with her had no beginning, it begins endlessly at
each daybreak, renewing its summer in fresh flowers and songs, and
her every new kiss is the first kiss to me.
The road and I are lovers. I change my dress for her night
after night, leaving the tattered cumber of the old in the wayside
inns when the day dawns.

Singer: Hemant Kumar, Composition: Pt. Raghunath Seth, Lyrics: Pt. Narendra Sharma


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