Spiritual Significance of Flowers · Words of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo


Today this blog completes six months.

Today is the day to express Immense Gratitude:

To the Divine Mother whose Presence and Words are the inspiration for this blog.
To the Divine Master whose Guidance and Grace are the force behind this blog.
To all those regions from where the ideas and thoughts and feelings come.
To all those parts and planes of the being which facilitate reflection and integration.
To all those faculties within which help sieve, select, synthesize and express.
To all those who click, read, motivate and encourage.


Ipomea Carnea, Pale pink Morning Glory
Spiritual Significance: Gratitude, It is you who open all the closed doors and allow the saving Grace to enter.


Today is also the day to remind myself of why I do this blog: 

As as a humble offering to Her.
As a humble attempt to contemplate upon, live out, and express the following words:

“Let beauty be your constant ideal.
The beauty of the soul
The beauty of sentiments
The beauty of thoughts
The beauty of the action
The beauty in the work
so that nothing comes out of your hands which is not an expression of pure and harmonious beauty.
And the Divine Help shall always be with you.”

Today is also the day to express a prayer:

May I always remember to ‘Remember and Offer’.
May I always remember to reflect deeply on all that appears on this blog.
May I always remember to assess deeply before anything gets expressed on this blog.
May I always remember to see all this as:
a means to progress,
a means to become more open and receptive to Her Force.
a means to grow in gratitude and humility.
a means to seek and express deeper delight in all life and work.

Response? Reaction? Thought? Question? Criticism? Let me know.

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