Personal reflections · Spiritual Significance of Flowers · Words of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Journey toward Light

Spiritual significance of the flower: Immortality; Forms are in perpetual transformation; identify yourself with the Immortal Consciousness and you will become it.
Botanical name: Gomphrena globosa, Globe amaranth, Bachelor’s button


Thirteen days have passed since my last post on this blog.

A life-transforming experience has happened during this time.

One of the greatest, eternal truths of Life has revealed itself, in a very upclose and personal manner. A moment of acceptance, a moment of letting go, a moment of surrender, a moment of awakening – the moment gave so much as it took away so much. The moment of earthly goodbye became a moment of lifelong blessing. Witnessing the Journey toward Light continues to change so much…inwardly.

Death is not the opposite of Life. Death is the opposite of Birth. Life goes on. Only Form changes. The essence of the Departed One takes a Formless Form and continues to bless and love and be with the loved ones.


“The world we live in is not a meaningless accident that has unaccountably taken place in the void of Space; it is the scene of an evolution in which an eternal Truth has been embodied, hidden in a form of things, and is secretly in process of unfoldment through the ages. There is a meaning in our existence, a purpose in our birth and death and travail, a consummation of all our labour. All are parts of a single plan; nothing has been idly made in the universe; nothing is vain in our life.”

~ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine and Human 

In her memory, because she loved it so….

May the peace continue to prevail in the midst of the pain, may the rememberance of the eternal truth continue to give strength.


Response? Reaction? Thought? Question? Criticism? Let me know.

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