Personal reflections

I Want to Escape…

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May be curl myself up in the lap of this Big Tree…

Or may be get lost for a while in this forest…

Do you want to escape sometime? Escape from all that keeps you or brings you back into the mundane every-day-ness of life?

The wise tell me that I should learn to see the Miraculous in Ordinary, to experience the Magical in Mundane, to feel the Divine in Routine. But until I am able to do so,  at times I do feel the terrible weight and pressure of all that is ordinary, mundane and routine. What should I do then? How do I get away? Where do I turn to? Books. Music. Films. Nature. My Garden. What?

Or maybe Silence. Yes, that’s what I need. Not just the outer silence, but silence within. The Real Thing. The Healing Silence. The Silence that descends from above and sinks deep inside. That possibly resides in the deep inside but most of the time is covered up with the noise and chatter from different directions. But whenever it is revealed, it reminds us of its Quiet and Healing Force. The Silence in which all the noises of the mind are quietened. The Silence which can renew and rejuvenate what is old and tired, which can make one more open and receptive to the Light and Force.

Yes, that’s what I REALLY need.

But such a Silence would not be an escape. It would be a feeling of Liberation, and even if it lasts for a few seconds it could transform something within and leave its lasting impact.

This is my prayer for the day, my aspiration.

But am I willing to make an effort for experiencing such Quietude? Do I have the will to work toward it? The wise again tell me – Only when we sincerely seek, we find. Only when we ardently work, we receive.

O god! Maybe I should just go back to my curling up….Doesn’t this look inviting?

To see readers’ comments, please click HERE for the previous version of the blog.

Response? Reaction? Thought? Question? Criticism? Let me know.

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