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Please Be Kind

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When a picture searches for its music, or a piece of music finds its right picture…the result is a magical experience of Light and Sound.

And sometimes the right music also gives you the right title for the blog post! Like this one.

But wait, that’s not all.

Sometimes the post also finds its appropriate day – like what happened in the present case. Can anything be better than the message of ‘Please Be Kind’ on this day for celebrating love, Valentine’s Day?

Honestly, I tell you I had bookmarked this picture of a heart-leaf several weeks ago and had also sort of forgotten about it. And it just so happened that a few days back I was browsing through the photo-folder on my computer while listening to some jazz music and when this wonderful track by Django Reinhardt came along it occurred to me how well these two go together!

As if the sweet sounding message of kindness flowing from the music is somehow helping the lonely leaf stay on…just for a bit longer, and soon it shall have company. New leaves and shoots will start appearing on the branch. Spring is here. New life is already bursting forth. Please be kind to all life around.

Thoughts like these started coming up as I kept putting this small piece of music on repeat…and the blog post came along. And already it was February 14th! Though I believe all days are days of love, or at least should be, but it doesn’t hurt to have at least one day marked for celebration of love. So there you have it – a valentine’s day special post on this blog.


But something more about celebrating this day of love also comes to mind. This may not be a popular view, but let me say it anyway.

Why go ga-ga over a bunch of exotic flowers transported from who knows where using up so much petroleum and adding to the pollution along the way when all you need to do is gather a few flowers blossoming in your backyard or the neighborhood or even on the roadside? Or even a nice bunch of some green things will do if there are no flowers yet.

Why add your bit to the mind-boggling Valentine’s Day consumerism and make already-rich people richer when you can just stay at home and enrich your heart and soul with some beautiful music or an old favourite film?

Who wants diamonds that carry the invisible scars of blood spilled in some far away strife-torn part of the world when all you really need is to recall that the real jewel within, your heart, has an immense capacity for love and compassion if you just keep polishing it. Certainly there may be some achy-breaky type of experiences along the way, some bruises and scratches here and there, but then this is the way a diamond gets its shine and sheen.

So please be kind on this Valentine’s Day and remember to give that diamond within a nice rub so that it shines anew. Celebrate love. Love for All, for Everything.

Enjoy the music….

Please be Kind by Django Reinhardt

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For readers’ comments on the previous version of this blog, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Please Be Kind

  1. Why not indeed? I am fine with setting a day for love. What bugs me is the way it is celebrated. It seems that if you aren’t diving into a pool of chocolate (or some mushy stuff) with you loved ones, you have no right to love.

    Bah, I say to that!

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dagny! I am happy you found this post! I had thought of expanding, revising and re-blogging it but then decided against it. Maybe next year.
      I am with you on the whole chocolatey-rosey-commercialisation of this day. In many ways, it has become a day to celebrate the revenues of card companies, florists and confectioners 🙂 Where’s the love gone, soon we may be asking?!

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