Personal reflections

Alone and Together

“Yes, all; wife, children, friends, enemies, joy, sorrow, victory, defeat, beauty and ugliness, animation and inanimation —all these are but moods of One Consciousness and that Consciousness is our own. If you come to think of it, you have no friends or enemies, no joys or sorrows but of your own making.” (Sri Aurobindo, Isha Upanishad, CWSA, Vol. 17, p. 135)

Without You, photo by Lafugue Logos. Source

Fifty-two years, together.

 Fifty-third today,  alone.


Pain and sadness, memories and thoughts, 

Noise of emptiness, all are around.


Words don’t come, but why speak?

Children’s eyes hide their grief,

All of us mourning silently,

together yet alone, in silence.


In them she lives; in me, with me.

In sounds of silence, thoughts and memories.


Fifty-three years. Together.

Alone. Together.

Poem by Gulzar. Recitation by Nana Patekar


Linking this post to DPChallenge: The Sound of Silence

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