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In Praise of Form

Painting by Bindu Popli

What is in a Form? Everything. If we could only develop that vision which sees the Form as a manifestation of the Spirit Within. It is the Consciousness that creates the Form.

As grows the Consciousness, so evolves the Form.

Must learn to identify with the Eternal Spirit within; the Form is temporal and must adapt and renew.

But do not reject the Form, because in Form dwells the Spirit.

A rishi-poet expresses the truth he has seen. A painter brings down on paper her imagination through lines and  colours. And a musician sings of the eternal love story of Radha and Krishna…a Form bursts forth as the Consciousness within moves.

And through fumbling words trying to weave these Forms together, this blog-post takes a Form that expresses an inner search.

From Form to Formless…



O worshipper of the formless Infinite,

Reject not form, what dwells in it is He.

Each finite is that deep Infinity

Enshrining His veiled soul of pure delight.

Form in its heart of silence recondite

Hides the significance of His mystery,

Form is the wonder-house of eternity,

A cavern of the deathless Eremite.

There is a beauty in the depths of God,

There is a miracle of the Marvellous

That builds the universe for its abode.

Bursting into shape and colour like a rose,

The One, in His glory multitudinous,

Compels the great world-petals to unclose.

~ Sri Aurobindo (Collected Poems)

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