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A Green Song

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Sometimes you really don’t need any other colour. Green is All. Perhaps because through it all colours of Life are possible.

It felt like that yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Refreshingly sunny but not hot. Sitting quietly on the backseat of our trusty two-wheeler as my husband was driving through the red-clay earthy lanes of Auroville, simply enjoying the presence of all those big, medium and small green trees on both sides of the road, their branches and leaves swaying in the breeze, fresh new growth making some of them look fresher than usual, the beautiful fragrance of new flowers coming up here and there, gloriously green it all was. There were flowers too, but the pinks and purples and yellows and violets were happily immersed and surrendered to that vast and glorious green cover around.

Somehow in the last few visits to Auroville I had missed out on experiencing this simple joy. Perhaps my mind was too busy then. Or perhaps yesterday I was somewhat more ready to receive this beauty of Nature. Whatever be the reason, the experience was a joyride indeed. Felt energized and renewed. Green is after all, the colour of New Life.


Shuffling through my picture folder again; and I find these two pictures I had taken a few years ago at Van Niwas, Nainital.

With the memory of yesterday’s experience still fresh, as I look at these pictures today they seem to be saying something.

Wait, let me hear.

Come, you too sit near me and listen what these beautiful green flowers are saying. Listen carefully for they speak very softly. Soft is the language of love, the language of earth.

Come, hear….

Hey, you there? 
Yes, you, my child. And you. 
Can you hear us? 
Hear closely, you too.  
Come, sing with us. 
The Song of a Love 
For the colour Green 
The song of joy the Earth needs, 
This song of joy you all need. 
Come, sing with us. 


From Rahul Sharma‘s album, Celebration – A Circle of Energy

Photos: Mine


For readers’ comments, click HERE for the blog’s previous version.


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