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Sky is the Limit

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Even memories. Today I remember those Highway Drives.

When I lived in a small town of Midwestern United States — a part of the country with relatively vast and open spaces and huge stretches of cornfields across the plains — many times I would experience a strange feeling while driving on the open and wide highways. This would happen when I looked up at the vast Midwestern blue sky surrounding the trees, buildings and other structures along the highway. As the car kept moving ahead and taking me further and further into this vastness of the ever-expanding and ever-widening sky, I would feel a sense of deep insignificance and smallness against the infinite vastness that was all around me, enveloping me. 

And then there were those clear and bright mornings when one could clearly see between the silvery, fluffy clouds those sometimes bright-and-shining, sometimes hazy-and-thick rays of the Sun falling upon the Earth’s surface in all directions: Sun’s rays, Light, pouring itself down in abundance from the Source, shining from within the clouds, bringing Grace and Love to all of us, all of the Earth.
Every time such a perception came over while driving, a feeling of spontaneous joy would become part of me. This might be only for a few moments, but those moments brought tremendous sense of opening to the Infinite into which I would feel myself to be slowly driving. I remember clearly that at such moments my chest expanded, a liberating exhalation happened spontaneously, shoulders relaxed and if the hands didn’t have to hold the steering wheel, I would have also opened my arms wide and high in the Light Above.

Meditating while driving? Or a Remembrance of the Infinite? 

Truly, the Great Skies are full of Deep Inspiration. We just have to be open to them.

Travellers’ Tale by Pandit Ronu Majumdar

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