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Peace is Beauty, Beauty Peace

A new post in the series – When a Picture Leads
God and Its Disciple, by Ankur Saini


When I first saw this photo on my Facebook feed, my instant reaction was: “wow, look at all that amber beauty”.

And then I saw the photo a bit closely. And as they say [“they” can be sometimes a picture, as in the present case], the light bulb turned on. The wow turned to “WOW! What a shot!”

And then I read the title given by the photographer…..Smile…..Silence.

I mean, what can you say after that?

Sometimes it takes time for Beauty to dawn on you. Especially when it is a Dusky Beauty.


Now that some days have passed since I first saw this picture, a few words are beginning to come to my mind…

Both the ‘found’ nature of this wonderful composition and the keen perception and insight of the photographer make this such a peace-inducing picture, which sort of leads you to a sense of quietness. A kind of peace that often comes when you stand watching a beautiful sunset, not doing anything, just enjoying the sight of Sun going down, light changing colour, everything becoming still…Sun-god having done its Work for the Day is slowly going away for its rest. A kind of quietness takes over…outside and perhaps also a little bit inside…

But where is the rest for gods? Their work never ends. Sun-god needs to light up some other part of the world, to wake up those little creatures from their slumber, spread its Light and remove the darkness of minds. A God’s Labour** never ends.

Maybe that’s why God needs so many Disciples to help in Its Work.

A Musician Disciple too.

Listen to the Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind, from the album, Natural Elements by Shakti

If this music speaks something to you, perhaps of a silence that comes with a sense of inner peace and harmony, you may also click on this post to listen to another beautiful track from this world fusion band comprising of music legends such as John McLaughlin, Ustad Zakir Hussain, L. Shankar and others.

The Musician Disciple works its magic in many ways, in many forms, and is not limited by East or West. Won’t you agree?

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** Reference made to Sri Aurobindo’s poem, A God’s Labour has now sparked off another idea, perhaps I will take it up in another post. Waiting for the God’s Inspiration Disciple to shed some light first.

Response? Reaction? Thought? Question? Criticism? Let me know.

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