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So Far So Good….

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Readers may recall an earlier post in which I had spoken of my ongoing effort to facilitate some kind of peaceful co-existence between two pushy creepers in my garden fighting over space. I figured it is now time to update on the “harmony” building exercise.

As the post title says, so far so good. I have been able to keep check on the more aggressive Passion Flower vine by some regular snip-snip, and the somewhat shy Rangoon Creeper is now getting its chance to grow and blossom. It feels so good to go out in the garden in the morning and see the beautiful blossoms of Rangoon Creeper in their shades of pink gently swaying up on the garden wall. To hold gently a few of the slightly drooping bunches in my hand and take in their mild, sweet fragrance is a delight. I can actually see the blossoms from my chair on the dining table too while having my meals. Yes, the vine was strategically planted or my chair was carefully picked – either way, the view is quite nice!

And sometimes the harmony comes inside too, inside the home…like in the pictures below:


And hopefully this outer exercise will keep working its way inside…slowly and gradually….inside me, inside the real home within, and help quiet down the restlessness some more, help silence some of the noises inside, bless me with greater faithfulness toward a deeper aspiration, and grant me a greater inner harmony.

(Silence is the spiritual significance for Pasiflora/Passion Flower, and Faithfulness for Rangoon Creeper. I also have another vine in my garden, almost ready to bloom, the flower of which has been given the significance, Harmony. I may write more about that when the blooms show up.)

For now, with a prayer in my heart, I share a piece of music that exemplifies how beautiful harmony is possible when the greats come together. There is a lesson in there somewhere about inner harmony too, about making each part within greatly refined and developed for a more beautiful harmony. This piece of music is from “Call of the Valley” which is perhaps the largest-selling album ever in the Indian classical music genre. The first of its kind and the best there is. Feel the harmony of santoor, bansuri and guitar, and enjoy in silence!

This is my 100th post. I thought for a few days about what I want to write for my 100th post, but nothing seemed more true and right than this theme of harmony.

I thank all my friends, readers and visitors who have kept me motivated and going with this blog. So far it has been a wonderful journey – outwardly as well as inwardly, and I hope the journey to the next 100th post will be even more gratifying.

My deepest gratitude and reverence for that inner guide, that inner seeker who is gently leading me on to this search for inner beauty, beauty that is everlasting and that expresses the eternal spirit of the thing.


Click HERE for previous version of this blog if you wish to read Readers’ comments.

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