"All Music is Only the Sound of His Laughter"

The Blue Period

Sometimes that’s all you need….a little blue rose and some great music to put you in that mood.

You know, that slight mood of blues that is not really sad and depressive type of blues but only with a little tinge of melancholy that doesn’t feel bad, it actually feels like just the mood you want to be in. And who better to put you in that mood than the amazingly versatile Ustad Shujaat Khan with his sensational Sitar playing and singing of some Amir Khusrow classics.


Perhaps it is for music like this that T.S. Eliot wrote those lines…

“….music heard so deeply
That it is not heard at all, but you are the music
While the music lasts.”

Such soulful music puts you in the moment, with the moment, and yet with an awareness that this moment is both temporal and eternal. Such music envelops you and puts you in touch with that deep feeling inside… something that feels like sadness yet isn’t quite sad, that feels like pain but isn’t quite painful either.

It is not ha-ha happy kind of feeling but still carries within it something that makes you feel quietly content and full. You may name it whatever you like. But in its essence it is nothing but a tiny taste of bliss, I feel.

Bliss that carries within it a strange blend of feelings that may feel like love and longing, togetherness and loneliness, union and separation, all thrown together, but is actually none of these. Bliss that is perhaps a result of all of these feelings and more, and yet transcends all of them. Bliss that is of that one moment, the moment that will last for ever. One small taste of bliss, that will last for all moments to come. 

Yes, that’s the kind of blues I am talking about.

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