Oil and Water

So the other day I was about to start arranging some flowers gathered from my garden. When it comes to Frangipani flowers, I usually like to float them in a couple of old shallow utensils I have in different sizes.  Utensils that were perhaps used in someone’s kitchen in the years gone by but are now working very well as urlis in my home. And when I went to empty out this one particular vase and throw away the water and flowers from the previous day’s arrangement in the compost bin, I saw this. 

The light was hitting at just the right place. The way the colour of the water had changed as the oil from the flower intermixed with it was absolutely gorgeous. I stood for a few minutes simply admiring. 
And then I took some pictures, as you can tell! Just to preserve this beauty. 
Love between oil and water. Love that can create beauty. 
Love that needs the Light to make it more Beautiful. 
Linking this  post with ABC Wednesday, L : L is for Love and Light.

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