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I am Happy They Talked, Part 1

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“Are you sure, you want to do this?”

“Well…I am not fully sure, but I would certainly like to try.”

“But can you really do it – one post per day?”

“I can surely try.”

“What will you write about?”

“I am not sure…”

“Well, what are you sure about?”

“I think it will be good if I can write something substantive, something that is important to me….”

“Well well well…first of all, you aren’t even sure if you can actually write one post per day, and now you say you want to write something substantive…what are you saying, really?”

“I am not sure….”

“Yeah, I know that for sure!”

“Well, listen to me, okay, just listen. I have been thinking for some time now to compile many of the thoughts I have jotted down here or there, some aren’t even jotted down and are there in my head only…and for a while now I had been thinking that I should compile them and give them a more structured form, write down some kind of short essays or articles based on those notes or thoughts or ideas whatever you want to call them.”

“Now I am not sure what you are talking about…”

“Please don’t interrupt, let me explain….”

“Go ahead….”

“So these notes, or whatever you may call them, are about Indian Education, I mean a certain vision for an ideal Indian Education that is inspired by some of my readings, or should I say, based on my understanding of some of the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. You know what I am talking about, don’t you? I have shared some of those thoughts with you earlier too. About how I feel about incorporating some insights from Sri Aurobindo’s writings on Indian culture….oh all those things we used to talk about. You remember, don’t you?”

“Yes I remember. But what I am not able to understand is….”

“Oh you will, you will. Hold on…As you also know in the last several years I have also read some other stuff on education by several other thinkers, and not just on education but also other areas that I think have a bearing on education, particularly Indian education….”

“Oh my, this is becoming very elaborate…are you sure you are still talking about your blog? And the A-Z challenge?”

“Yes, I am getting there…if you would allow me to…”

“Sorry, sorry…please go on…I am listening….and I just hope there isn’t anymore “I am not sure” coming up soon…”

“What an attitude! Whatever…anyway, so I am thinking why not I make use of this month-long challenge to actually do what I have been only thinking so far. This one post per day challenge will give me the much-needed push to give the first form to these scattered notes and thoughts…at least something more structured will be there as a result of all this writing. What do you say?”

“Oh, so you want me to speak now?”

“O come on…don’t be so sarcastic…tell me what you think so far of this idea. Does it even make sense?”

“Ok ok, I get it, so you want me to say something in support of the idea?”

“No, I want you to be honest.”

“Well, I think it is not a bad idea. But…”

“I knew it…”

“What did you know?”

“The moment you said “But”…”

“What do you want me to say? There is always a But…ok should I replace it with However….happy now?”

“I mean why can’t you just be supportive once? Why do you always have to have a But or an However…”

“Well, I do want to be supportive, I am supportive, but you said you wanted my honest opinion…didn’t you say that? Don’t you want my honest opinion?”

“Yes I do…but…”

“See, there is a but there too…”

“Ok, ok, go on…”

To be continued tomorrow….


This is a transcript of a conversation that happened just a few days before the April A-Z challenge began. The participants in the conversation were….Take a guess. Leave your answer below in the comments, if you wish. 

Or if you don’t want to guess, wait a little.

Come back tomorrow, and read the second and concluding part of this conversation.


For readers’ comments, click here for the blog’s previous version.

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