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I am Happy They Talked, Part 2

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“As I was saying…you realize that this is a blog you are talking about?”

“Yeah, so? And let’s not forget it is my blog we are talking about. I can write whatever I want.”

“I will overlook that egoistic “my blog” part for now, I don’t want to digress. But, don’t you think that most people like to read blogs that are somewhat easy-breezy, quick-read, part-entertaining, part-feel-good, maybe some motivational, self-help type of advice. And most of the blogs are rather personal sort of writings, aren’t they?”

“But what’s your point? Really?”

“Getting a bit annoyed, eh? My point, sweetheart, is that who wants to read some heavy stuff on education? And I know you, when it comes to writing things on education or culture, you don’t write “light” stuff.” I have read your other stuff.”

“But then…uff…”

“But then what? Calm down, and tell me.”

“You see, there are several things here. One is that you assume a lot about what people like to read or what they expect when they visit a blog. Second is that even if there is some truth to that assumption, and perhaps there is, it doesn’t matter much…”

“What? It doesn’t matter? That means you don’t really care if people read your stuff?”

“Well, you didn’t let me finish what I was trying to say….”

“OK, finish it now…”

“Of course, I would like people to read my stuff. But you see, if I want to be totally honest and sincere with myself it doesn’t matter much because my real purpose in writing these posts, or let me call them as my drafts for my bigger project, would be first to see whether I can write something that makes sense to me, something more coherent and more structured than just those notes scattered here and there.”

“Well, that you can write anytime, why do you need this challenge for?”

“Precisely because I can’t write that just anytime. If I were that disciplined I would have written some of those drafts by now. Or at least would have started writing them by now. This challenge gives me a motivation to complete at least the first draft for some of these ideas in a fixed period of time. I am not saying that I will write everything that I want to write in these 26 posts, but at least I would have some substantial stuff put together, by the end of the month. Well, that is my hope at least. What do you say?”


“Well, speak now…why are you silent now?”


“O come on…tell me what are you thinking?”

“I am thinking that you do have a good point there…”

“Aha, so you agree that it is a good idea…see I knew you would come by…”

“Not so fast, lady…let me finish.”

“OK finish….”

“You do have a good point that it will give you that needed motivation to write something down, at least as a good beginning for whatever larger project/plan you may have in mind. But you still need to remember something important.”

“Oh, another But….”

“Yes, of course…But what you must remember is – and you can thank me later for this advice – that you are writing these first and foremost as part of your own intellectual work and not just for increased readership or more visits to your blog.”

“Hey, let me thank you for that, right now. And I will do that later too, don’t worry! And I don’t just mean this as a joke. I understand this and I too have thought about it. I need to remember, remember always, the purpose for which I am writing.”

“Yes, because then you will compose your posts with that purpose in mind, and not just dilute them or lighten them or make them “easy” enough to get more “likes” or “visits” to the blog.”

“Yes. And not only that, I hope and pray that while I am participating in this challenge I also remember why I am doing this whole blog thing in the first place. You know what I am talking about, right?”

“Yes, I know, I was there when you wrote that thing about why you write this blog.”

“Remembering that will help me stay grounded and focused. Don’t you think so?”

“Well, I surely hope so. But there is one other thing I should ask you.”

“What’s that?”

“You said that I may be assuming too much about what readers expect to read when they visit a blog.”

“Oh that…well, you see, what you said about readers wanting quick-read, easy-breezy stuff on a blog…while some of that may be true, I don’t think it tells the whole picture. There may be readers out there who like to read some substantive stuff on a given subject or topic. I don’t know, I mean who knows. I am just guessing. Surely there are books and journals out there for more serious stuff like education, culture etc…but I have also come across blogs and other online materials that deal with such things and other so-called serious topics.”

“Hmm….””And in fact, one of the reasons why I thought I should write about this topic is because I want to see if I can communicate in a way that is somehow more reader-friendly and yet doesn’t become “light” or diluted just because it wants to have a mass-appeal. You understand what I am trying to say here?”

“Yes, I do. But think one more time. Are you sure you don’t want to write about something easy like – “26 things I find beautiful” or “A-Z of a Beautiful Home” or something like that?”

“Aah…so you are tempting me now….”

“Tempting you?  How? Hey, I was there when you thought of these ideas…don’t you remember? These were your ideas, lady.”

“Yes, they were. And yes I remember you were there with me when I was playing with these ideas. And yes I know it would be easier on me if I were to take up either of these ideas for the challenge. And yes I know it might even get me a greater readership or more “likes,” as you say, for my blog. But then I have decided that’s not why I want to take up this challenge in the first place. If that happens, that would be a welcome reward.”


“And I am sure, if I write something that comes from an authentic place within me, that is heartfelt and sincere, it will resonate with some like-minded readers. And that’s the best thing that could happen, isn’t it? But personally, I want to stay focused on my writing work and my purpose for taking up this challenge in the first place. I hope I can. Can I? I think I can. I am sure I can.”

“Good, so finally you are sure about something. That’s good.”

“What? Why do you say that? I am sure about a lot of things.”

“Well, that’s good then…it is just that when we started this conversation you weren’t sure about many things. And now you are…that is very good.”

“Yes I am sure. And I suppose I should thank you for helping me be sure of what I want to write about and why.”

“You don’t have to thank me.”

“But I do.”

“Well, if you must.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome. That’s all good enough, lady. Now go and start writing. You don’t have much time left.”

“Yes I know. Just a few days more. And then it all starts. Now where are all those notes….where do I begin…what do I do….”

“There, there…don’t get so nervous. Breathe and begin at the beginning…with A.”

“Good idea. Thanks once again. See you later. Bye.”

“Hey, before I let you go, tell me one more thing.”


“What is that larger project or the bigger plan you have in mind after you have written these 26 posts on Indian Education?”

“Well, I am not sure….”

“Aha…I knew it…”

“What? What? Tell me…”

“No, nothing. Go on and start writing. We’ll talk about this some other time.”


This is the second and concluding part of a transcript of a conversation that happened just a few days before the April A-Z challenge began. The participants in the conversation were…..mind #1 and mind #2. There are different parts in me, in all of us; different layers or parts of the part called mind in me, in all of us, that question, doubt, reason out, argue, defend, accept, reject, judge, assume, refuse, decide, plan, organize, execute, and do all sorts of things. This post is my way of becoming more conscious of such activity going in my mind, with regard to a particular situation.

To read the first part, click here.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the layers of my mind. If not, then, well too bad…all my ‘I’s’ enjoyed this look-back at their work. It is after all my blog, as one part would say!

For readers’ comments, click here for the blog’s previous version.

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