Priceless are the Moments….Part II

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He had offered her a life of beauty, a life with nature, trees, flowers and butterflies. She had said yes, a big happy yes. That’s exactly what she had wanted too.

But something changed. What? Why?
Maybe she was wrong. Nothing had changed. They did have a beautiful life, at least that’s what everyone she knew said, about their life. They had a good life, a luxuriously comfortable home, big backyard with lots of trees and exotic plants, a little pond with waterlilies, flowers of almost every imaginable colour, and yes, butterflies too.
This last part she assumed. Because she hadn’t really seen any butterflies. At least not in the last few years. She just didn’t have the time. Wall Street kept her busy and busier.
She looked again at the picture on her ipad and remembered those moments. Those moments when all she needed was to lay down with him under a shady tree and close her eyes. And she would dream of butterflies and flowers, flowers and butterflies.


She knew what she had to do. She looked again, this time at the ring she was holding, her actual engagement ring. And walked to the little shed in her backyard.

This was his place. A photography studio he had built for himself, with all his cameras – old and new, lenses, tripods, a computer, printer and all other paraphernalia an amateur needs. He had kept up his love for nature photography, even if it meant working part-time. She envied him now, for this.

He was cleaning some old lens. She walked up to him and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked up inquiringly. She just kept quiet and smiled. Something in her eyes told him. He knew that she had seen the email. He knew that she remembered. They just kept looking in each other’s eyes. Silently.

And then he saw it. Dangling on the chain around her neck was the ring.

The ring he had made for her. With those tiny little seeds that he had found on one of their walks together in the woods. She had no idea what he was going to do with those, and she didn’t ask. After all it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. They always gathered dried leaves and little pebbles and seedpods and what not…and most of the times those priceless riches went to either his place or hers. She used to love these little treasures from Nature and decorate her room, bookshelves with those. She had filled up many old jars with such treasures.

But that was back then.

He now saw the seed-ring dangling on the chain on her neck. After all these years, she was actually wearing it. It wasn’t really a ring that she could wear. Or anyone could wear. And they had laughed about it when he gave her that as their engagement ring. But she had loved it. Loved it absolutely. And he had loved her laughter, and joined in as he tried to place the ring awkwardly on her finger. It was a ring that spoke of their shared love, their love for each other and their love for the woods, the nature, the trees, the flowers. And the butterflies.

But that was back then.

And now here it was, dangling on the chain around her neck. Her finger casually circling it as she stood there smiling with her eyes. In silence. And he knew. He knew that their love was back.

He stood up and held her hand. They walked out of the shed, into the backyard. Holding hands in silence they kept walking back and forth, around the trees, around the lily pond and just back and forth.

And then she saw. After several years, she saw a butterfly. Really saw it.


Yes, they were there. They had always been there. It was she who had gone missing.

He looked at her. She was smiling. And remembering. Those priceless moments. And he knew. He knew she was back. Their love was back.

They continued walking, in silence, making their moments priceless. Once again they were in love.

~ Photos by Suhas Mehra


To read the first part of this story, click here.

For readers’ comments, click HERE for the blog’s previous version. 

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