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Light is All You Need

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Note: This could be seen as a sequel to my earlier post on Why Should I Write, in which I share some writing advice from Sri Aurobindo, advice that speaks to me personally at this point in my writing and in my life. The words below may be seen as a response to another one of my questions – How Should I Write.


When all feels dark, kind of lost
Thoughts are all better-off tossed
Ideas don’t work, no fix in sight
All you need is one little Light.
Light in the heart, Light in mind
Go seek, and ye’ shall find
Light in action, and inaction,
Stillness of one moment’s fraction.
In this Light when all feels changed
Remember to shine it on those estranged
Feelings, thoughts, words repressed
Lest they rally to make a protest.
A moment speaks, a truth revealed
Only that rigid mind won’t yield
Slave of habits, oppressor of a kind
Don’t force it, slowly make it refined.


Linking this post with Write Tribe – 100 words on Saturday 2014 #16: The prompt was to imagine a conversation with a favourite author on writing. 

I realized that any questions I could think of had already been answered as seen in the excerpt shared above from Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo, Volume 27, p. 599. The light of his guidance however inspired me to pen down the 100 word-poem to further dispel the darkness of my doubts.

Image source: 1: mine; 2: Google

For readers’ comments, check out the previous version of this blog by clicking HERE.


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