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A Personal Kind of Post, and With Gratitude

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So many observations. So many thoughts clouding the mind, so much churning in this thing we commonly speak of as heart.
About life and its pressures, aging and mortality, family, relationships and their impermanence. About expectations and frustrations, silences and unspoken words, words and why we need them, or not.
About love that is human – oh so human that it can even become almost unrecognizable as love. About pampering and way too much pampering. About caring, non-caring and not caring enough.
About appearances and only appearances. About what is behind appearances. About fake and the unreal.
About the big city life and the life I have come to prefer in a small city. About spaces and their vibes. About home and what feels like home. 
About the mind and its workings. 
About rains that bring so much joy and also so much suffering. About pain. And more pain.
About rich and poor – money wise. And otherwise – in sincerity, genuineness and authenticity.
About why sometimes you just want to escape from it all. About why you can’t. Or shouldn’t.
And about that one long exhale that makes it all go. Let go. At least for a few moments.
Could have written many posts on these and a few other things. But I won’t. At least not now. At least not till I get an inner and objective distance from my initial reactions and reflections. Not till I sense the truth – however distorted – that may be hiding behind what has met the outer eye or the outer walls of the heart and mind. Not till I see the inner beauty that may be hidden in the outer experience.
Aah…that long exhale! Let it all go.
But what I will write about today is Gratitude. Gratitude for the experience. For all its mixed-up nature.
Gratitude for that moment when I decided I will only write when that ranting voice in the head has been hushed. Sufficiently.
Gratitude for this moment when the mind is not running unnecessarily over unnecessary observations and feelings and emotions. For this moment when I felt inspired to write about what I don’t want to write about!
Gratitude for remembering that someone had asked me if I can recall a few posts by fellow bloggers which had touched something in me. Gratitude for having read those writings, for experiencing the moment when the vibration and ‘feel’ of the words written by these wonderful writers made its impact. And strongly enough so I can still recall those writings easily. So I can still re-experience the joy of re-reading them.
Listed below are a few of those posts, in no particular order. Do take the time to read these. You too will be grateful. I am quite sure of that.
Passion Room by Dagny Sol of Serenely Rapt 

Desiderata by Vidya Sury of Going A-musing

I am of course grateful for the time you took to read this post. 
Can I really call it a post? O well.

Response? Reaction? Thought? Question? Criticism? Let me know.

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