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Dharma and Offering

First Published on Social Potpourri

This is the concluding part of the 3-part article on Dharma. If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2, please read them here and here before reading this concluding part.

We saw in the Part 2 of this series, Dharma and Reason, that most often the best way to address a dilemma as to what is the right thing to do is to step back from the contentious situation for a while and apply the calm light of reason. Once we have made a decision in the highest light of our reason, we must remember to offer it to the Highest Source.

But what is meant by ‘Remember and Offer’? And how does it help us get closer to our understanding of what is the dharmic thing to do?

Remember that the true being inside whispers to us very softly through the light it shines upon its outer instruments, the mind being the instrument of concern at present. Let us remember to put all our trust in the hints we receive, the light we receive in our mind and its reasoning capacity. Let us, without any bias or preconceived notion, accept the voice of this reason.

Once we have made our decision, let us remember to offer it in all our sincerity to That, which in truth is the Source of all the answers. With full faith in our decision and complete trust in That to which we have offered all our actions and difficulties, decisions and dilemmas, results and failures, let us act. And leave the consequence of the choice, decision and action on That alone.

If we could remember That Source at every moment and if we could offer everything that we are outwardly engaged in, every act, every choice, however mundane it may seem, how easy the life-path would become!

What is it that prevents us from practicing this advice of “remember and offer”?

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I would love to hear any thoughts, responses you may have to this article or the whole series on Dharma. Please do share a few words in the comments below.


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