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Hare Krishna

A Krishna Janamashtami Special


For the last couple of weeks I have been reading and thinking about a few things on Indian Art, especially focusing on the theme of spirituality in Indian Art. It has been a wonderful learning so far, and someday hope to go deeper into what is now a very preliminary study.

So naturally on this special occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, what else would be on my mind but Krishna in art? Krishna, whose Divinty as well as Līlāwhose Heroism as well as Love, whose Yoga as well as Pranks, all have inspired great art, music, poetry and literature in India. For thousands of years, and to this day.

Sharing today three of my current favourite ‘Krishna’ paintings, from three different artists, representing three different generations and genres of Indian painting.

The great revivalist Bengal School of Abanindranath Tagore is represented beautifully in Chughtai’s Dream, combined with a delicacy unique to Miniature style; whereas the bold and free strokes of a globally inspired but a culturally rooted modernism is the hallmark of Hussain’s Krishna Lila. And the one in the middle, Shiva’s Flute, is by a young artist from Delhi, Bindu, whose work though inspired by several different styles remains a personal search for the invisible behind the visible, inviting the viewer to join her in this sacred journey.

Three out of countless different ways to express Love for Krishna. To express Krishna’s Love.

Let the pictures now do rest of the speaking…

Artist: M. A. R. Chugtai

If the artist cannot put into his work what was in him…his work is a futile abortion. But if he has expressed what he has felt, the capacity to feel it must also be there in the mind that looks at his work.


Artist: Bindu Popli

…it is the spirit that carries the form

Artist: M.F. Hussain

Each finite is that deep Infinity

Enshrining His veiled soul of pure delight.

All quotes are from Sri Aurobindo.


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