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A Blog Update and a Lesson in Detachment

The Divine Teacher

Today on the auspicious day of Gita Jayanti, I got an important lesson in detachment.

For more than two years now I have been writing this blog. After almost a year of writing, I discovered that I was beginning to get a small but almost-regular set of readers, many of whom would leave thought-provoking and encouraging comments on some of my posts. It was beginning to feel good, I admit, to see that at least some of what I was sharing was provocative enough (generally in a thoughtful way) for some of my readers.

Well, as things were supposed to happen, today I discovered that all the comments posted on my blog are gone! Disappeared completely. Gone. Who knows where? They are simply lost in the maze of the cyberspace. I discovered that after I published my recent post after a gap of more than two weeks.

The initial discovery was that all the social media shares had disappeared from the blog. No problem, I said, I really don’t care about that. That’s just a silly ego-boosting thing anyway to know how many people have ‘liked’ my post on FB, how many times it got shared on G+, how many times on LinkedIn, etc etc. So when I discovered that those social media share links had gone, I felt a sign of relief, almost. Who wants that ego-boosting thing anyway, I said to myself.

But a couple of hours later I was checking something on the blog, and discovered that all the comments from all 271 posts had gone. Just gone. Obviously, I was quite disappointed initially. Because several of those readers’ comments were actually quite thought-provoking and added valuable perspective to the content of the original post. I felt sorry for that loss. Initially. I was also angry. Because I couldn’t figure out how that could have happened. I have a tentative ‘technical’ theory, but now I have lost interest in figuring out whether that theory even makes sense.

And after a while it occurred to me that all this was meant to be a lesson in perspective, detachment and equanimity. With so much that is wrong in the world, so much that is unfortunate, unjust, untrue, unethical, unhappy, my silly little loss doesn’t matter at all. Nothing in the world has changed because some blog comments are lost. Only my ego has gotten a little rub, much needed perhaps. For that I should actually be grateful. And I am, now.

The auspicious day of Gita Jayanti has indeed become a ‘living’ lesson for me. A beginning of learning that will hopefully continue. Thank you, Sri Krishna!

11 thoughts on “A Blog Update and a Lesson in Detachment

  1. I saw that the shares and tweets are back on at least one of your posts, Beloo. So who knows? the comments will appear in their own time too. Maybe they have taken a stroll into cyberspace and will soon come back! Loved the way you have taken the disappearance. So much to learn from this teacher. Thank you!

  2. Possible! But somehow I don't see the shares etc…but that's okay 🙂 After a good night sleep I am feeling even more comfortable with the 'loss.'
    To tell you the truth, I was quite sad and upset yesterday morning about the whole Nirbhaya case and then in the late afternoon this blog thing happened (or at least I discovered it then, who knows when and how exactly the glitch happened). But when my personal petty emotions of frustration etc began to take over, I just had to think of that woman's parents and what they must have been going through esp yesterday, and really my little thing didn't seem important at all. For that moment when I recalled their story, I am grateful. Thank you for your kind words, and for your care and love. Hugs.

  3. Really sorry to note this. But as you said, there's lot more that's wrong in the world and this loss is almost negligible in front of it. It needs wisdom and courage to accept loss of any kind. And I am sure you have enough of both. With the new year coming soon, I still hope for goodness to fill the world. Big hugs to you, Beloo!

  4. Sorry to hear you lost all the comments but yes a lesson in detachment. And no doubt you will be stronger and wiser for it. All the best with your new home Beloo and look forward to reading your posts here

  5. That is a great way to look at it. But yes, loss of comments, apart from being an ego thing is also a reminder of conversations we had with friends. Glad to visit your new home.

    1. Yes it is indeed, Alka! And that’s why I was so happy and thankful to discover that the comments decided to stroll back to the blog, all on their own after a few days 🙂 Who knows how the online world works with updates, syncing of data etc?!
      I am happy to see you here on this space, look forward to more of your visits 🙂

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