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Knowing by Grace, Again

From the archives, revised and re-offered. 

Because learning also requires revising of the lesson.

Because knowing also requires re-offering of the intellect.

Because opening to Her Light also requires re-kindling of the aspiration.

Because receptivity for Her Grace also requires re-strengthening of the instrument.

Re-offered to the Shakti, the Mother. On this occasion of International Women’s Day.

Thus her story begins…

Stifled by her own fears, trapped in her own powerlessness, and imprisoned by her own vulnerability, she didn’t even realize how deep she was getting into a pattern of life that would soon be an all-consuming vicious circle, almost impossible to break.


Till one day in that rarest of rare moment when all had become so very quiet within. In that moment of silence she got a glimpse of Her. She, looking radiant, resilient, self-possessed, self-assured, blissfully happy with no care in the world, yet with eyes that spoke the language of love, compassion and kindness. She, seeing somewhere far, far away, as if fully removed from the world, yet with eyes that spoke of concern and care for the world. 

And she instantly knew this was a moment of Grace; this was no chance meeting.

Whom she saw was none other but a vision of what she too could become; in fact She was none other but she, without all the veils, all the masks, all the fears.



Then in another moment of Grace she knew. She knew exactly which way to steer the wheels of her life. 

She opened herself to that deep knowing beyond her tiny intellect, knowledge that will guide her as she begins the journey to slowly turn the vision into reality. She knew the masks that must be gotten rid of. She could sense the truth which needed to be unveiled slowly, layer by layer. 

The Shakti was waking up.



“The problem of feminism, as all the problems of the world, comes back to a spiritual problem. For the spiritual reality is at the basis of all others; the divine world…is the eternal foundation on which are built all the other worlds. In regard to this Supreme Reality all are equal, men and women, in rights and in duties; the only distinction which can exist in this domain being based on the sincerity and ardour of aspiration, on the constancy of the will. And it is in the recognition of this fundamental spiritual equality that can be found the only serious and lasting solution for this problem of the relation of the sexes.” (The Mother)

Pictures taken by Suhas Mehra
Event: Dance Drama titled Naari (Woman)
Venue: Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Auroville

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10 thoughts on “Knowing by Grace, Again

  1. This is such a refreshing perspective! One always thought in terms of waking up the dormant Shakti in oneself, not see oneself as Shakti herself albeit behind layers of masks. It is infinitely more easy to remove the masks one by one than undertake the mammoth task of doing it all in one giant upheaval of a character transformation. The pics are all lovely. I am sure the play must have been awesome too.

    1. Thank you Zephyr. It makes the writer in me so happy when the point hits the right spot in a conscious reader 🙂 And of course, with a reader like you I can always be sure that you would deepen the meaning of the post even further with your comment. Thank you! And yes, the ‘Nari’ ballet was wonderful.

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