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Voice of the God…प्रभु अपने मुख से गायी…

On the occasion of Ram Navmi (re-sharing an old post)


Ram – just the name calms one down. Soothes the nerves and brings tranquility. Imagine what love for Ram can bring to his bhaktas! There are many reasons to love Ram! Every Ram-bhakt has his or her own special connection with some special aspect of Ram.

I present here one such aspect of Lord Ram, which makes him so endearing to so many of his bhaktas. That aspect is – His love for his devotees. Divine’s Love for the Devotee.


Sri Ranganathswamy Temple
Rama and Hanuman, Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangam (photo @matriwords)

भक्ति में लीन एक भक्त को अपने प्रभु, अपने इष्ट देव की आराधना करते हुए तो शायद सभी ने सुना और देखा होगा। पर यह तो केवल संत तुलसीदास का असीम प्रभु-प्रेम है जिसके वरदान में उन्होंने अपने भगवान श्री राम को अपने परम प्रिय भक्त की आराधना करते हुए देखा और सुना।

जब प्रभु राम अपने छोटे भाई भरत को बताते हैं कि वो अपने भक्त हनुमान से कभी उऋण नहीं हो सकते तो शायद ही कोई प्रेम भरा ह्रदय हो जो अछूता रह सके। जब पंडित जसराज अपनी भाव-पूर्ण आवाज़ में संत तुलसीदास के इस भजन को गाते हैं तो शायद ही कोई नेत्र हों जो प्रेम से भीग न जाएँ।

ऐसी आराधना प्रभु की अपने एक भक्त के लिए, ऐसा प्रेम ईश्वर का अपने एक प्रेमी के लिए, इसकी कल्पना केवल एक ही सभ्यता में की जा सकती है जो उस भूमि से उपजी हो जहाँ देवता भी जन्म लेने के लिए तपस्या करते हैं।


Everyone has seen and heard of the devotees and the faithful praising and glorifying the Lord.

But only a bhakta-poet like Sant Tulsidas can ‘see’ and sing of his Lord Rama praising his lover-bhakta, his supreme devotee.

When Sri Rama tells his younger brother Bharata that he can never ever repay his debt to Hanuman, which heart can stay untouched? When Pandit Jasraj outpours his love and devotion for the Lord through his rendition of this most beautiful Tulsi bhajan, which eyes can stay dry?

Such intense love of the Lord for his devotee, such glorification of the devotee by the Divine, this is only conceivable in this civilization, this land where the gods also long to be born.

“Others boast of their love for God. My boast is that I did not love God; it was He who loved me and sought me out and forced me to belong to Him.” (Sri Aurobindo)

2 thoughts on “Voice of the God…प्रभु अपने मुख से गायी…

  1. I remember commenting on this post. The devotee-Deity relationship can never be better explained than that between Hanuman and Rama. At once endearing and elevating! The rendition is par excellence and Raag Des is so evocative. I just love it!

  2. I am so happy you enjoyed the bhajan and the post again 🙂 It is one of my favourite bhajans of Pandit Jasraj. Can’t listen to it without eyes getting wet….so much love – both in the bhaav and the singing.

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