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ऋतश्री, the True Beauty – Protection

“To walk on the path you must have a dauntless intrepidity, you must never turn back upon yourself with this mean, petty, weak, ugly movement that fear is.

“An indomitable courage, a perfect sincerity, a total self-giving to the extent that you do not calculate or bargain, you do not give with the idea of receiving, you do not offer yourself with the intention of being protected, you do not have a faith that needs proofs,—this is indispensable for advancing on the path,—this alone can shelter you against all dangers.” (The Mother, CWM, 15: 190)


Today we explore the theme — Protection.

Divine always protects. But we have to become worthy of that divine protection. We have to protect that tiny flame of aspiration that burns within. We have to be vigilant and be on our guard against all sorts of forces that seek to deviate us from the path. Our self-offering to the Divine must constantly become purer and more sincere. And Divine Protection will be with us.

The Mother gave Bougainvillea flower the spiritual significance – Protection.
All pictures of these tender blossoms in various colours were shot over the past few years at our home garden near Pondicherry.

“Let us give ourselves entirely and sincerely to the Divine and we shall enjoy His protection.” (The Mother, CWM, 15:47)

“For the inner flame to burn, one must feed it; one must watch over the fire, throw into it the fuel of all the…

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