About the author

Many years of experience in the field of education and research led me to the discovery that the central thing is to constantly un-school oneself and become a freer and truer learner… Elsewhere, I enjoy playing several roles Life offers a woman – with a hope to learn from all that happens and doesn’t happen, and with a wish to gradually become free of those roles because only then the possibility of the birth of true actor (or the non-actor) within exists.

My more formal bio will read something like this:

Beloo is the author of two books, one on Indian Education, titled “ABC’s of Indian National Education” and an ebook comprising a collection of some of her essays, titled “The Thinking Indian.” She holds several degrees in Education and Economics, has extensive teaching experience at school and university level in India and the US, and has a keen interest in the educational, social and cultural thought of Sri Aurobindo.

She currently lives in Pondicherry, spends her time doing some reading, some writing, some teaching, some gardening and a whole lot of reflecting on life, living, society, politics, religion, art, literature, India, the World, and everything else under the Sun and the Moon.

For more, visit her “author” pages:




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