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The Art of Discussion

Talking about and discussing important matters with our friends, acquaintances, social networks etc. has the potential to widen our understanding. But a recent online interaction once again made me ask a question I have often wondered about, why are so many of us so quick to take things personally in a discussion? Even if the discussion is about, say, a national level… Continue reading The Art of Discussion

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Meandering Musings

  If one were to believe the Delhi-centric “national” media, a 20-year-old college student has become a household name in the last few days. That’s another matter that the media which claims to be “national” is neither interested in much news about the ‘nation’ beyond a few blocks of New Delhi nor does it bother to understand… Continue reading Meandering Musings

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Inner Light for the Intellect

Last month, my young nephew who is now in the last year of his high school came to visit me for a few days. And in one of our conversations about his studies and his future academic plans the topic swerved over to more serious stuff. We discussed questions such as: why compulsory schooling, why study certain subjects, and finally, who… Continue reading Inner Light for the Intellect


Quote UnQuote 3: Herd

Source “Most people say that Shakespeare rocked merely because most people say that Shakespeare rocked.”  ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana Isn’t this a bitter truth? Why this need to be liked that we pretend to like all those things – books-authors, art-artists, films-filmmakers – that must be “liked” if we are to be liked by the up-and-coming-socially-elite-politically-correct-economically-successful-newsmaker-of-the-day-types?… Continue reading Quote UnQuote 3: Herd

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Engineer, Doctor, MBA, CA – Choose One; NOTA Not an Option

Sometime ago, fellow blogger and friend Shailaja, the Doting Mom and the Bite-sized story-weaver asked me if I would be willing to write a guest post for her super-famous blog on parenting. She suggested that I write something on Education. Of course, I said yes. How could I let go of an opportunity to write on… Continue reading Engineer, Doctor, MBA, CA – Choose One; NOTA Not an Option

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Do We Know We Aren’t Really Thinking?

A new post in the series – Satyam Shivam Sundaram A series featuring inspiring words from various sources, words that speak of timeless truths, words that remind me of the deeper and hidden truth behind surface events and phenomena, words that shine light when all seems dark, words that are just what I need –… Continue reading Do We Know We Aren’t Really Thinking?

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Good News: In Different Languages

To read readers’ comments on the previous ‘blogger’ version of this post, click here. My first post for this month of February 2015 was about two author interviews I did regarding my book on Indian National Education. It gives me a good feeling to see that the last post for this month is also about… Continue reading Good News: In Different Languages