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Love and Nature

“Love of Nature is usually the sign of a pure and healthy being uncorrupted by modern civilisation. It is in the silence of a peaceful mind that one can best commune with Nature.” (The Mother, CWM 16: 401) What is Nature? When this question was once asked of the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, she… Continue reading Love and Nature

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Some Indian Views on Beauty and Art

Modern tendency is to depreciate the value of the beautiful and over-stress the value of the useful. Generations of Indians have been cut off from the ancient roots of their aesthetic cultural traditions, thanks to a mercenary and soul-less education. According to Sri Aurobindo, this situation can only be corrected if education can figure out… Continue reading Some Indian Views on Beauty and Art

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When Everything was Perfect

That moment, that morning everything was perfect. Just for a few moments, everything was right, just right, just perfect. Everything was in the right place, as it should be. Nothing was amiss, nothing was wrong. Can it be so? Can it all be perfect? That moment that morning it all was. I had gone out… Continue reading When Everything was Perfect

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Do I Feel Rich Today?

For readers’ comments, click HERE for the blog’s previous version. Today on this World Environment Day, I certainly feel rich! I feel rich when I see the beauty and blessings of Mother Nature in my little garden. Today I remember the little sapling of Rangoon Creeper that we had planted in a little corner of… Continue reading Do I Feel Rich Today?