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Of Art, Love and Creation

It was one of those afternoons when you simply don’t feel like doing anything. All you want to do is just be. On one such afternoon, I lazily walked around my home with no purpose or aim in mind, nothing to organize, nothing to sort, nothing to do except just be. My eyes wandered around… Continue reading Of Art, Love and Creation

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Surrender to the Guru

Every time I find myself getting somewhat lost or scattered in the multiplicity of noises coming from here and there, I feel this deep need to go back to the basics, I mean the most basic fundamentals of the path I aspire to pursue. This is one of the ways I have discovered which helps me to re-gain my inner poise,… Continue reading Surrender to the Guru

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Nine, who are One

Navaratri special post     Nine nights of the Divine Mother. Some invoke Her in nine forms and names, some in three, some in four, some innumerable.  “The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet so many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even… Continue reading Nine, who are One

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हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर…On Hindi Day

कभी कभी जब मन कुछ विचलित सा होता है तो व्यक्ति कई उपाय खोजता है मन को स्थिर करने के लिए। ऐसा ही एक उपाय खोजते खोजते आज मैं अपने इस ब्लॉग पर एक वर्ष पूर्व की आज ही के दिन, अर्थात हिंदी दिवस के दिन की, प्रस्तुति तक पहुँच गई। उसे पढ़ा, उसके मूल सार पर, मुख्य भाव पर कुछ… Continue reading हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर…On Hindi Day

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The Love of the Gopis

A special post on Krishna Janmashtami Since times immemorial, Sri Krishna and His Lila remain a captivating source of inspiration for painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, dancers, storytellers and all types of classical, folk, traditional and contemporary artists in India. Krishna as balgopal stealing butter, his childhood antics and pranks, his acts of remarkable and extraordinary valour and courage,… Continue reading The Love of the Gopis

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Stone Worshipers

Sometimes when you are browsing through the photo folder on your computer, you come across some old photograph which takes you on a little meditation of sorts. Bringing you to an insight, an understanding or a realization perhaps, but more like a remembrance of something. Something you had read long time ago. Something you thought you… Continue reading Stone Worshipers

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She, who rides the Lion

Ma Durga is in news these days. No, not because it is Durga Puja time.  But because the Asura is in news these days.  A bunch of folks who see themselves as the voice of the marginalised, the advocate of the down-trodden, the champion of the oppressed have been made the ‘news of the hour’ by some vested… Continue reading She, who rides the Lion

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  Yellow, her favourite colour,  Like the golden-light of her widest smile. Hiding just enough of that slightly-chipped tooth,  Exposed in a full-hearted-laugh, in a little while.  A white-and-sea-green dress, her favourite pearls,  A head-scarf covering where silvery-grey once shone They celebrated with her, her birth and life,  This day, last year, striving that pain… Continue reading Yellow