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The Great World-Mother

Once during his Baroda years, Sri Aurobindo visited a Kali temple on the bank of the Narmada river. Recounting that visit, he later said: “With my Europeanised mind I had no faith in image worship and I hardly believed in the presence of God. I went to Kemali where there are several temples. There is… Continue reading The Great World-Mother

Indian Culture · Indian Religion · Satyam Shivam Sundaram · Spirituality beyond Religion · Words of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Of India’s Destiny and Indian Painting

Going through the pictures of some of my personal favourite paintings representing various Indian schools and traditions, including some by famous Indian artists, my mind started to wonder if these paintings have something to say about the past, present and future of India’s civilisational march. The result is this small tapestry that interweaves the pictures… Continue reading Of India’s Destiny and Indian Painting

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Art Appreciation with Sri Aurobindo

The decluttering and reorganising continues on this space…. ***** Sometime back at the suggestion of a friend, I had expanded and revised an old blog post on Art Appreciation, for possible publication in a Sri Aurobindo related journal. The article was published in the August 2019 issue of New Race: A Journal of Integral Studies,… Continue reading Art Appreciation with Sri Aurobindo

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Some Indian Views on Beauty and Art

Modern tendency is to depreciate the value of the beautiful and over-stress the value of the useful. Generations of Indians have been cut off from the ancient roots of their aesthetic cultural traditions, thanks to a mercenary and soul-less education. According to Sri Aurobindo, this situation can only be corrected if education can figure out… Continue reading Some Indian Views on Beauty and Art

Indian Culture · Indian Religion · Inner View · Words of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

The Love of the Gopis

A special post on Krishna Janmashtami Since times immemorial, Sri Krishna and His Lila remain a captivating source of inspiration for painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, dancers, storytellers and all types of classical, folk, traditional and contemporary artists in India. Krishna as balgopal stealing butter, his childhood antics and pranks, his acts of remarkable and extraordinary valour and courage,… Continue reading The Love of the Gopis

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Of Knots and Freedom

A special post for the special occasion of August 15, the birthday of Sri Aurobindo (15 August, 1872- 5 December, 1950) as well as the Indian Independence day.  A day meant to celebrate the spirit of freedom. The truer, inner freedom. A post that hopes to remind us of the various knots we tie around and within… Continue reading Of Knots and Freedom