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Four Lessons from Home Renovation

During the months of December 2018 and January 2019, we spent about 5 weeks getting several long-overdue renovation and repair projects completed around the home. The projects involved all sorts of works including masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and some basic landscape designing — pretty much everything. There still remains some major painting work, but that… Continue reading Four Lessons from Home Renovation

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Prayer in Pictures

The new light is here. Bringing new beginnings, new hope, new energy. May the new doors open. May the darkness be gone, and the light envelop the entire space, within and without. May the heart always remember to be in gratitude. May the wilderness and mist of life not hide the onward and upward path. May the path of beauty… Continue reading Prayer in Pictures

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Work and Spirituality

A new post in the series – Reminders to self “It is the spirit or consciousness in which the work is done that matters most; the outer form can vary greatly for different natures” (Letters on Yoga, Vol 2, p. 671). Sri Aurobindo speaks of this truth in his letters on Sadhana of Works (Karmayoga),… Continue reading Work and Spirituality