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The Love of the Gopis

A special post on Krishna Janmashtami Since times immemorial, Sri Krishna and His Lila remain a captivating source of inspiration for painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, dancers, storytellers and all types of classical, folk, traditional and contemporary artists in India. Krishna as balgopal stealing butter, his childhood antics and pranks, his acts of remarkable and extraordinary valour and courage,… Continue reading The Love of the Gopis

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And So I Wait…

      I have nothing to write today. Actually, it has been days since I have written anything. I mean anything that means something. I mean, that which really means something to me, first of all. Yes I have written a few things on the net here and there, a comment on someone’s blog… Continue reading And So I Wait…

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Did I miss a birthday?

I almost missed my blog’s birthday. It was quite late in the evening that I remembered that my blog completed three years yesterday. Not only that, I remembered this morning that earlier this month Matriwords our research blog also had its first birthday.  How to mark this special occasion of two birthdays in a month? Well, simply by… Continue reading Did I miss a birthday?

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Bring Back the Joy to School

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his interaction with students spoke about the importance of a joyful childhood, of children experiencing joy and thrill of learning something new, of children being children. A few days ago, one of my articles on education focusing on this very aspect of bringing joy back to the school was… Continue reading Bring Back the Joy to School

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An Extraordinary Moment

For readers’ comments, please click HERE for its previous version. August 2012. I stood there. In awe. In front of That. Couldn’t move my eyes off That. And in a few seconds it happened. The tears started flowing. Tears that must flow when your heart is so full, so very full that it just doesn’t… Continue reading An Extraordinary Moment