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Wash, Rinse, Repeat

This simple formula — Wash, Rinse, Repeat — is not only good for our hair, it works wonders for one’s mind and heart as well. Yes, the mind and heart also need some good, regular cleansing. The dirt and dust left over from small, medium and big stresses, the dryness and dullness resulting from all sorts of repetitive and mundane… Continue reading Wash, Rinse, Repeat

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  Yellow, her favourite colour,  Like the golden-light of her widest smile. Hiding just enough of that slightly-chipped tooth,  Exposed in a full-hearted-laugh, in a little while.  A white-and-sea-green dress, her favourite pearls,  A head-scarf covering where silvery-grey once shone They celebrated with her, her birth and life,  This day, last year, striving that pain… Continue reading Yellow

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From Darkness to Light

Read and contemplated upon a beautiful aphorism from Sri Aurobindo yesterday. This is my prayer and invocation for this special day of Diwali.   May this Festival of Lights bestow upon the humanity a vision to see a bit more deeply, a bit more highly, a bit more widely. “When I look back on my… Continue reading From Darkness to Light

"All Music is Only the Sound of His Laughter" · Beauty

“All Music is Only the Sound of His Laughter”

To see readers’ comments, please click HERE for its previous version. A New Series on All Things Musical   “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.” Shelley’s famous line was often quoted by my father when talking about the simple beauty of some of his favourite old Hindi film songs of yesteryears.… Continue reading “All Music is Only the Sound of His Laughter”

Mother India

When Beauty Disappeared….Partition Memories, Family Narratives

One of my favourite poems penned by legendary Amrita Pritam is the one she wrote to express her deep anguish and heart-felt pain over the bloody partition of India in 1947. The highly moving poem titled, “Aj Aakhan Waris Shah Nu…” till this day speaks of the horror that partition brought upon people of Punjab. Amrita… Continue reading When Beauty Disappeared….Partition Memories, Family Narratives