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Some Indian Views on Beauty and Art

Modern tendency is to depreciate the value of the beautiful and over-stress the value of the useful. Generations of Indians have been cut off from the ancient roots of their aesthetic cultural traditions, thanks to a mercenary and soul-less education. According to Sri Aurobindo, this situation can only be corrected if education can figure out… Continue reading Some Indian Views on Beauty and Art

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When Everything was Perfect

That moment, that morning everything was perfect. Just for a few moments, everything was right, just right, just perfect. Everything was in the right place, as it should be. Nothing was amiss, nothing was wrong. Can it be so? Can it all be perfect? That moment that morning it all was. I had gone out… Continue reading When Everything was Perfect

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Practicing Harmony

We practice harmony when we place things in an order that feels just right. Things outside, things inside. Things tangible, things intangible. Things physical, things subtle. We practice harmony when things placed in the right order bring a quietness within. The quietude that brings a calm equality toward everything. Everything around us, everything within. We practice harmony when the calm equality… Continue reading Practicing Harmony

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Divinity in Details

The intricately carved pillars lead you into the chamber of Beauty and Divinity. Beauty in Divinity; Divinity in Beauty.  Your eyes want to linger on the details of the pillars, take in every piece of carving and beauty. At the same time the inner quietude pulls you in. Disciple: Is form inseparable from the experience of beauty? Sri… Continue reading Divinity in Details

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Prayer in Pictures

The new light is here. Bringing new beginnings, new hope, new energy. May the new doors open. May the darkness be gone, and the light envelop the entire space, within and without. May the heart always remember to be in gratitude. May the wilderness and mist of life not hide the onward and upward path. May the path of beauty… Continue reading Prayer in Pictures

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Nine, who are One

Navaratri special post: Nine nights of the Divine Mother. Some invoke Her in nine forms and names, some in three, some in four, some innumerable.  “The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet so many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest… Continue reading Nine, who are One

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Being Human (Guest Post)

  I am very pleased to share today some of the photographic work of a talented, not-yet-18 young man, who happens to be my nephew. Pranav is a sensitive, introvert and quieter-than-his-(teen)age type of fellow, who sometimes uses poetry and prose to give an expression to his pondering, questioning and reflecting. On other occasions he… Continue reading Being Human (Guest Post)

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Silent Travels

Be a traveler, not a tourist. That’s the latest fad, I hear. Of course, like many other things touted as part of the contemporary lifestyle, this travel bug is also mostly limited to the urban middle- and upper-middle classes. [Aside: These are mostly sections of media-fed, westernised, modernised India and strangely most of our popular culture is built… Continue reading Silent Travels

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Stone Worshipers

Sometimes when you are browsing through the photo folder on your computer, you come across some old photograph which takes you on a little meditation of sorts. Bringing you to an insight, an understanding or a realization perhaps, but more like a remembrance of something. Something you had read long time ago. Something you thought you… Continue reading Stone Worshipers