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Decorating in the Times of Corona

With all that is going on around us in the world, does it even make sense to think about decorating your home, some may wonder. Well, why not? Perhaps it makes all the more sense to not only think about making our homes more beautiful and more comfortable, but actually doing it – without going… Continue reading Decorating in the Times of Corona

Words of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Found. Faded Flowers, Fading Memories.

Ever wondered what those books behind the glass doors of the cupboard might be thinking or feeling? Ever wondered if they are saying something to you? Yes, to you. And to me too, as we are busy clicking fingers on our laptops, ipads whatever. Ever wondered if those pages, with that fresh-printed or that old-musty… Continue reading Found. Faded Flowers, Fading Memories.

Beauty · Personal reflections

Sunday Morning Lesson in Beautiful and Precise Action

Had the joy of having the freshest possible idlis and steamed dosa for breakfast yesterday at the Visitor Center at Auroville. The joy was doubled when I saw a sweet lady come out of the restaurant kitchen with a basket full of assorted flowers and a polished-to-shine urlifilled up to brim with water. She was about… Continue reading Sunday Morning Lesson in Beautiful and Precise Action