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Divinity in Details

The intricately carved pillars lead you into the chamber of Beauty and Divinity. Beauty in Divinity; Divinity in Beauty.  Your eyes want to linger on the details of the pillars, take in every piece of carving and beauty. At the same time the inner quietude pulls you in. Disciple: Is form inseparable from the experience of beauty? Sri… Continue reading Divinity in Details

Indian Culture · Indian Religion · Inner View · Personal reflections

“Nobody can take Him away!”

      Yes, nobody can take Him away. Nobody. “वो यहाँ से जाने वाले नहीं…हम उन्हें जाने ही नहीं देंगे…उन्हें यहाँ से कोई नहीं ले जा सकता है…” (He is not the one to go from here…we won’t let Him go. Nobody can take Him away.) This was declared softly and simply by Maniram,… Continue reading “Nobody can take Him away!”

Inner View · Personal reflections · When a Picture Leads

Silent Travels

Be a traveler, not a tourist. That’s the latest fad, I hear. Of course, like many other things touted as part of the contemporary lifestyle, this travel bug is also mostly limited to the urban middle- and upper-middle classes. [Aside: These are mostly sections of media-fed, westernised, modernised India and strangely most of our popular culture is built… Continue reading Silent Travels