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You will find some of my publications in the following web-zines and journals

Featured Writer on LivingWiseProject (a portal that aims to bring the light of wisdom and wellness, focusing on yogic sciences, to the world.)

Details of the Infinite

An Evening of Dance (Reflections on Art)

Remembering Annapurna

A View from the Window and the Harmony of Spaces

Be Simple

Introducing Sri Aurobindo

What is Surrender?

Guru’s Words on ‘Guruvada’ – Part I

Guru’s Words on ‘Guruvada’ – Part II


Swarajya (magazine focusing on Social, Political, Economic and Cultural life of India)

Who will speak for the students?

India’s Daughter: An Indian Daughter’s Opinion


Next Future (e-journal of Sri Aurobindo Society)


IndiaFacts (a platform for serious enquiry and discussion on dharma, comparative religion, cross-civilizational issues, Indology, and India-related topics)

The Art of Discussion

Musings on Reason, Religion and Reform

Citizen Responsibility: Invoking the Sacred

Writer’s E-zine (a literary e-magazine with an aim to promote new authors)

Remembering Partition

Home Revisited, Twice in a Month



Sulekha (13 years ago when Sulekha was exclusively an e-zine).

Truth Vs. Tabloid – An Analysis of Dowry

Sex-selective Abortion in India: Asking and Answering the Questions 


A Journey of Dreams

An Electronic Death

I Am Home! Or Am I?

A Desi Party

Living in Two Worlds: Issues of Bi-cultural Identity for Asian Indian Children in America


On Scribd

On Academia


Response? Reaction? Thought? Question? Criticism? Let me know.

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