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Many years of experience in the field of education and research led me to the discovery that the central thing is to constantly un-school oneself and become a freer and truer learner… Elsewhere, I enjoy playing several roles Life offers a woman – with a hope to learn from all that happens and doesn’t happen, and with a wish to gradually become free of those roles because only then the possibility of the birth of true actor (or the non-actor) within exists.

My more formal bio will read something like this:

Dr. Beloo Mehra is a student of Sri Aurobindo, with deep interests in his social, educational and cultural thought. She has extensive research, teaching and curriculum development experience in higher education institutions and research organisations in the US and India. She has also taught as a high school teacher for 5 years and volunteered for the National Literacy Mission. Her academic background includes a doctorate in Education from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, and M.A. and B.A. degrees in Economics from Delhi University.

She has written numerous articles on education, culture and society for scholarly and popular publications; she also writes regularly for journals focused on Sri Aurobindo Studies. In addition to contributing research-based articles in several scholarly books, she has also authored several books for a wider audience which include “ABC’s of Indian National Education” (2014), “The Thinking Indian: Essays in Indian Socio-cultural Matters in the Light of Sri Aurobindo” (2015), “Sri Aurobindo – a Yogi-Revolutionary: A Research Monograph” (2019), “Bhagavad Gita: A Study in the Light of Sri Aurobindo” (2019), and “On Intellectuals and Thinkers, and Other Musings on India in the Light of Sri Aurobindo (2020). She has also developed a textbook titled “Rethinking Feminism from Indian Perspectives” (2019) for a post-graduate course which she designed and taught at Pondicherry Central University.

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4 thoughts on “About the author

  1. My dear sweet professor friend Beloo!!!!! It is me Vicki Sargent your master’s student at Antioch McGregor! Oh I have tried to get in touch and didn’t know how. Now one of my colleagues is in Delhi and she sent me the info to find you. I am so excited!!!!! How do I friend you on Facebook? We need to talk and visit! I can’t believe you are living in Pondicherry!!! Love you, miss you! Please let me hear from you!!!!!

    1. My dear Vicki! It is so good to hear from you, after all these years! And I am happy your friend in Delhi found me here! Just type my name on Facebook, I am there. It will be so good to reconnect. Lots of love!

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