Matriwords, our research blog

You can also find me busy at Matriwords, a more academic blog I maintain with my husband, Suhas.

Matriwords is a humble beginning to enter into the vast ocean of the profound social-cultural-political thought of Sri Aurobindo through research, writing, self-publishing and sharing.

The blog also has a section which features selected photographs by Suhas Mehra, one of the co-authors.

Matriwords is not really a blog in the conventional sense of the word, with 300- or 500-word posts. Matriwords is more of a place for us to compile and share some of our longer writings, essays, research commentaries that are inspired by the social-cultural-political thought of Sri Aurobindo.

In addition to our own writings, we also feature selected writings by some of the other thinkers and scholars whose works have inspired us and who continue to guide us in our ongoing study of Sri Aurobindo.

We look forward to your visit at Matriwords.