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Video: “By Light We Live…”

Light heals. Dawn is an assurance that Light is right behind. Dawn reminds us to turn our gaze towards the Light, because the Night will soon end. Dawn is a promise of a forward movement…towards Light, Hope, Beauty and Truth.

“…as day is the symbol of a time of activity, night of a time of inactivity, so dawn images the imperfect but pregnant beginnings of regular cosmic action; it is the Being’s movement forward, it is its impulse to look out at the universe in which it finds itself and looking towards it, to yearn, to desire to enter upon possession of a world which looks so bright because of the brightness of the gaze that is turned upon it.” (Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 18: 278)

Offered with a prayer for Light, Love, Peace and Healing

Video by Suhas Mehra

About the video: One morning bright and early, just when the Sun was about to rise, he ran up the stairs to our rooftop and fixed his camera on a tripod to catch those glorious moments when night was about to transformed into dawn. About an hour of video footage condensed into a short timelapse Sunrise is the result.

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