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Should Dance Educate? How?

  Sri Aurobindo once wrote: “The first and lowest use of Art is the purely aesthetic, the second is the intellectual or educative, the third and highest the spiritual. By speaking of the aesthetic use as the lowest, we do not wish to imply that it is not of immense value to humanity, but simply… Continue reading Should Dance Educate? How?

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Eyes that Dance: Performance of Anguliyankam

June 12, 2014. SPIC MACAY CONVENTION, IIT-Madras, around 9:00 pm The wonderful performance by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt had just finished. The soul-stirring music of Mohan Veena was still ringing in the ears and creating a peaceful vibration within. A group of people were busy rearranging the stage for the Koodiayattam performance by Shri Margi… Continue reading Eyes that Dance: Performance of Anguliyankam