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Engineer, Doctor, MBA, CA – Choose One; NOTA Not an Option

Sometime ago, fellow blogger and friend Shailaja, the Doting Mom and the Bite-sized story-weaver asked me if I would be willing to write a guest post for her super-famous blog on parenting. She suggested that I write something on Education. Of course, I said yes. How could I let go of an opportunity to write on a topic that is close to my heart? And also for a blog read mostly by parents, the perfect audience. 

Thank you, Shailaja for the opportunity to write for your blog. 


A good mental education aims to help prepare the mind, the key instrument of learning. According to Sri Aurobindo, a true and living education is that in which the mind is consulted in its own growth. He reminds that each individual has a unique temperament and nature, and also a unique life-purpose, and that education must be able to tap into this uniqueness of each learner. He further explains:

“To force the nature to abandon its own dharma is to do it permanent harm, mutilate its growth and deface its perfection…The chief aim of education should be to help the growing soul to draw out that in itself which is best and make it perfect for a noble use.” 

It has been more than 30 years. 
But I can clearly recall the time when I passed out from my tenth grade, and the conversations I had with my parents, school principal, a few teachers and friends about what subjects I should study in grades 11th and 12th. I recall the similar conversations that took place two years later after I graduated from high school and was applying for colleges. I recall similar conversations when my sister was applying for colleges three years later. What pressure – overt and covert – most youngsters in situations similar to mine had to and still have to deal with! 
Our parents and well-wishers want the best for us, or so they think. They want us to pursue those areas of study that can help secure our economic and professional futures, which can help us get decent jobs and a ‘good’ standard of life. So back in my high school days I successfully argued with and convinced my parents and teachers that I didn’t want to study sciences and become a doctor or an engineer. I simply couldn’t be. 
To read rest of the post, visit Shailaja’s blog here. 
(NOTA: None of the Above)
Linking this with ABC Wednesday, O: O is for Option.

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