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Practicing Harmony

We practice harmony when we place things in an order that feels just right. Things outside, things inside. Things tangible, things intangible. Things physical, things subtle.

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Harmony in Light

We practice harmony when things placed in the right order bring a quietness within. The quietude that brings a calm equality toward everything. Everything around us, everything within.Remembering

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We practice harmony when the calm equality does not lead us to inertia and inaction. But rather kindles an aspiration to engage in action that is detached yet a means for growing inner perfection, action that is disinterested yet a means to develop a deeper concern and genuine care for all that is around and within. Walking in His Protection

Offering to Buddha

We practice harmony when this practice of detached and disinterested action leads us to greater self-awareness.ContemplationWhen it leads us to a greater awareness of how the different parts within us create a conflict, with one going in one direction, another in another. One striving to make greater effort for progress, another rebelling and preferring lethargy. One wanting immediate gratification, another stepping back and remembering to let go of the desire for a preferred result. One seeking greater harmony and quietude, another reveling in chaos and noise.

We practice harmony when we begin to learn how to harmonise these conflicting parts within. Over and over, ever so patiently.You are the stone you are the sculptor

And so it begins again…the work of placing things in the right order and in the right place, within and without. The work of practicing harmony. 

Surely we must always want peace and harmony and work for it as much as we can–but for that the best field of action is always within ourselves. (The Mother)

8 thoughts on “Practicing Harmony

  1. Happy to read your words of wisdom quiet after some time. Everything in its place ….. is really peaceful & beautiful …… in & out …… let us practice harmony by structuring everything in & out …… thanks for sharing this thoughtful post, Beloo !!!

  2. This is such a profound post Beloo. I’ve read it over and over. The words bring such tranquility to my heart. How do you do this so effortlessly? You’ll never cease to amaze me.

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend! To be honest, as far as I can tell this post happened because at that time the aspiration for harmony was quite strong within me. I hope I can continue to keep that flame of aspiration…I am so glad that this had such strong impact for you.

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