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Dance, Be Happy

      “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ~ Rumi   A crisp autumn morning. Somewhere on the planet Earth. The 21st century had just started five years back. She was standing… Continue reading Dance, Be Happy

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From the Teacher’s Desk

For readers’ comments on the previous version of this blog click HERE. Dear V, I am touched by the lovely card you sent me from across the seas. Thank you so much for your heart-felt words of love and gratitude. I am so happy that the work you started many years ago has finally come… Continue reading From the Teacher’s Desk

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Cook Pray Love: A Remembrance

 A new post in the series – When a Picture Leads She would recite, in a very soothing low voice, almost inaudible, one of her bhajans whenever she was cooking. Or she would be doing her regular japa as she worked in her simple kitchen in her modest home in the city. Her food tasted heavenly, perhaps… Continue reading Cook Pray Love: A Remembrance

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The Voice that Quietens

For readers’ comments, click HERE for the blog’s previous version.   Sometimes all you want to do is stay. Quietly. Stay with the memories. Of that face, that smile, that voice, that presence. Because in that staying is where you find the presence alive and living. Memories make you relive the moments, again and again.… Continue reading The Voice that Quietens

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Be Still, My Heart…

    As the Northeast monsoon meets the Bay of Bengal, the rain gods have been showering upon us their bounty, sometimes a bit too excessively. But that’s life, the good and the bad often come together. Though at the time we can’t see the good in what appears as the bad. Or vice versa.… Continue reading Be Still, My Heart…


12 Most…

  So the folks over at Write Tribe have asked us to write something about “12 most….” These 12 could be anything. Anything, they said. So, of course my immediate thought was about sharing 12 most favourite old Hindi film songs. But I have so many more than 12. Selecting 12 would have been a… Continue reading 12 Most…

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Beads that Matter

A new post in the series – Reminders to self I discovered a beautiful article yesterday on my daily digest from  Something about the piece stayed with me for a long time, including the title itself, Beauty and The Dumpster. I share below the last two paragraphs from the article, the essence of the… Continue reading Beads that Matter

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The Remains of the Moment

Quietly they came and took him away.  What remains are the moments, moments before and after. The images, the words spoken and unspoken, that’s all that remains. That’s everything. Yet nothing but words. Does it only feel like or was it really yesterday?  She can no longer hide herself from the truth, she has to… Continue reading The Remains of the Moment

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That Fragrant Beauty

Click HERE for the blog’s previous version for readers’ comments. Smiling through the frame is an endearing and charming beauty, just like those fresh fragrant lilacs which always spread delight and joy. Smiling through the frame are clear and twinkling eyes, just like those tiny semi-open blossoms that will soon open and reveal their full… Continue reading That Fragrant Beauty


Priceless are the Moments….Part II

For readers’ comments, click HERE for the blog’s previous version.  To read the first part of the story, click here.     He had offered her a life of beauty, a life with nature, trees, flowers and butterflies. She had said yes, a big happy yes. That’s exactly what she had wanted too. But something changed.… Continue reading Priceless are the Moments….Part II

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Priceless are the Moments…Part I

For readers’ comments, click HERE for the blog’s previous version.   He knew he had to capture it. That sight. That moment. For his love. Dangling on the chain was that beauty he knew his love would love. A thin little branch, a chain of the big tree of life, and there it was dangling… Continue reading Priceless are the Moments…Part I


The Absence

Source An unexpected visitor her memory isn’t. Present, always.  Yet today, on Ram-navmi, the day her Ishta Devta chose to come on the earth in a human form, I sense her Absence.  Her form in this life, form that I knew, form that gave me mine. Unexpectedly, by this window.  Is it the scent in… Continue reading The Absence